About Me

Well, hello there

My name is Nicole Zimmermann, and I have an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design. I am a part time waitress/bartender, and when I’m not crafting cocktails, I’m creating art as a freelancer. Art and design are my life, it inspires me daily and gives me purpose. 

As an artist, my work tends to be on the vibrant and colorful side with compelling subject matters. Conceptually, my art is a balance of abstract and realistic, where most objects/persons are shown realistically, but are in abstract situations or landscapes. Lines, colors, and textures are used to portray real thoughts and ideas, usually in a surreal way. I try to evoke feelings and thoughts about nature and life through my designs. I take what I know about life, and try to put it in a new perspective.


Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and fine art are the bulk of my work. But I love how wide spread design is! I have done glass blowing, stained glass/mosaics, resin art, pottery, plaster work, and love finding new and exciting ways to create! As a freelance graphic designer, I am also constantly studying digital marketing, animation, and web design. Art is such a huge part of marketing in the digital world, and it’s all about making an eye-catching design to the right market. 

“Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see.”

That’s me at the Eye Lounge Gallery, next to one of my featured pieces, in Phoenix, AZ

Interested in my illustrations? For specific questions or hiring inquiries, please visit the contact page.